Whittles Jewellers Preston

Whittles Jewellers

Whittles approached us looking for something special for their new store location Sheila Bamber came to us having done business with us for the last store. Immediately amazed by the sight of our display of Laminam thin porcelain the architect was called to introduce it to the project along with some of our other beautiful tiles. Internally we fitted 60×60 porcelain to the walkway which snaked from the front to the back of the store. Prior to starting tiling on this area the subfloor needed to be prepared, using TileMaster Levelflex to make up a 30mm fall on the floor. The dedicated Omega area was tiled using an 80×80 porcelain tile supplied as part of the Omega specification. This area was tiled onto a wooden floor which was prepared using plywood and tiled using Tilemaster Ultimate adhesive and grouted using the Omega specification of a Granfix grout.

Interior display cabinets were claded using a combination of Laminam Blend Noce & Avorio. It was decided after consulting the manufacturer; that the Laminam  would be adhered to the MDF cabinets. Using a high strength spray on contact adhesive to ensure minimal loading and ability to keep tolerance’s tight on doors & drawer fronts. Precision cutting was vital here due to sliding glass screens and doors.

Externally we supplied 60×30 polished Jerusalem Stone. In addition we worked alongside Tilemaster adhesives to ensure the longevity of the installation. We used standard setting Extrabond with a 2-1 mix of Flexmaster Additive, standard set was chosen due to the prolonged period of hot weather we experienced in the summer. All external edges were mitred and the same piece of stone wrapped around into the reveal to create the effect of a solid piece of stone. Grouting was carried out using Grout3000 Jasmine with a 3-1 Flexmaster Additive.

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