Nando's Woking - Casa Ceramica

Nandos Woking

The first finish was our exciting volcanic stone quarried from the slopes of Mt.Etna with various patterns and colours to create a patchwork wall which ran behind the cook line. Due to the nature of the restaurant and how the food is cooked we needed to make sure the stone could withstand the heat and splashes from oils and food, as the stone in question is formed from molten magma we knew there would be no issue with heat and we also made sure the material was pre sealed at the quarry with special sealer to protect the stone from any contaminants. This also made sure that under installation the stone didn’t receive any staining which made the contractor’s job easier.

Nero Sicilia is a natural lava stone extracted from the slopes of Etna and fired in a new, unique process. This process does not apply a glaze and leaves the stone in its natural state with a deep black tone which is impossible to find naturally. The decoration applied is achieved with 100% recycled glass. Nero Sicilia declares its love to the land, it allows us to experience a dark coloured lava stone that has exceptional technical characteristics – is suitable for all uses, internal and external and not only walls but floors too. It is a piece of the most ancient active European volcano that fits into our contemporary living. Nero Sicilia highlights the culture of Sicily and expresses it through multiple colours and decors.

To make the installation easier on site we instructed the factory to pack the material in order according to the drawing, this meant that the contractor could install the material quicker and easier rather than trying to locate each piece which on a small site could have led to breakages which would result in late handover due to the lead times involved in making the tiles. The architect had specified the material to be installed with no joints which made delicate installation a must to ensure the edges of the stone didn’t get chipped, the precision calibration of the stone meant that this was achievable with no gaps in between the pieces. As the material goes through extensive processing to achieve its look the cost is quite high. This meant good planning between ourselves, the factory and architect was important to ensure minimal wastage.  The stone was supplied in a combination of sizes to make up the 3.2m height all in 20mm thick sections with the biggest being 2.4m and the smallest being 1.2m all had a width of 200mm. The stone was installed using Tilemaster Adhesives Grey Setaflex.

On the floor areas our 75×75 Design Industry Oxyde light structured tile was used. This porcelain tile is not only aesthetically pleasing but serves a practical use as well. Due to the structured nature of the tile it offers perfect slip resistance for the environment. Part of the Design Industry range the tile is designed to look like a type of chequer plate steel. The installation of these tiles was fairly straight forward using again Tilemaster Grey Setaflex and grouted using Mid Grey Grout 3000, although a high level of skill was required to make the curved cuts between the different floor finishes. The tile give the install a raw industrial feel whilst providing a solid, hardwearing surface.


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