Domestic projects

Heligan Private Residence, Master Bathroom

The huge marble-effect feature emulated a look only matched by the most exclusive leisure suites on Earth. To avoid a completely “classic” style in the ensuite, we carefully selected a modern slate-effect porcelain, the Natural Stone of Cerim – Mineral 600x1200x10mm; uniform in colour but the design driven by the layers & ripples in the surface. The HD three dimensional printing of this product creates depth with the use of shadows and subtle graining to truly emulate the natural material, without compromising a comfortable feel underfoot. This tile was chosen as the colour perfectly matched the grey tones in the veining of the Statuario on the walls. This relationship of colour was excelled by the grout joints matching up, creating an even, symmetrical feel. Designed by Fiona Watkins Design.

The client loved the idea of a large format marble-effect which had the option of having veins that match from piece to piece, bookmatching & reversing like a mirror image. The Statuario Chain Décor 1200x2400x6mm, from our I’Classici range, was the product of choice. This allowed us to cover the entire wall space with stunning marble-effect porcelain. With experienced tilers, we achieved the visualised look. The pattern ebbing & flowing in & out of the window recesses with all the corners mitred, creating a superior finish


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