Our optical illusion entrance!

Last week we went viral online with our entrance floor! With  various headlines of ‘Wonky floor’ to ‘This floor was installed to stop people running”, which isn’t the case! Over the past week our entrance floor has been featured in articles from the daily mail, the times and more. With various different headlines storming through of; “company creates clever wonky floor” to “Mind boggling optical illusion”.  There has been a huge variety of different stories going around as to why we installed our ‘Wonky’ flooring, we’re here to explain all! During the creation of our new showroom we knew we needed to have an entrance that would make our customers really remember their visit to and something that showcased what can be achieved with tiles. Pushing all the boundaries.

We decided that as the floor sloped up we would make the ceiling slope down, thus creating the illusion that the space was shrinking. This is where the concept of creating an Alice in Wonderland theme came in. We gathered ideas following a black and white chequerboard idea seen within the movie. We approached Armatile Design as we were aware they had in house designers and the manufacturing capability to realise what we wanted to achieve. We sent over a few images of the space and concept to get the ball rolling. After the initial design discussions Armatile produced a few design options for us to consider.

After agreeing the final design and the tile choices, the floor was then put into production taking around a week to manufacture. When the tiles arrived at our showroom, Armatile kindly numbered the tiles to assist installation, which helped greatly. The tiles were installed over a 4-day period but only installing for a couple of hours a day due to access restrictions. So, in all the main part of the floor only took around one working day to complete.

The wall element of the entrance again needed to be something different and somehow in keeping with the theme. We chose to use a collection from Ornamenta – Frames in collaboration with designer Yong Bae Seok, these tiles are described as ceramic art. In addition we commissions a local Doodle-Artist Myro to enhance our entrance further with her free-hand-doodles Inspired with quotes from films like Alice in Wonderland and the famous “This is the Place” poem by Tony Walsh, in memory of the victims of the recent Manchester Attack.

Although to the naked eye the floor does look at little uneven it isn’t until you view it through a camera that the true illusion is brought to life. Customers are amazed when they enter, it’s one of the first things out of their mouths and then are even more amazed when we show them what happens when viewed through a camera.


If you require any further information regarding our entrance floor, the products featured  or anything else please contact us at info@casaceramica.co.uk






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