Launching Botteganove

The manufacture of ceramic, whose fatherland has been Nove since 1700, is the basis from which Christian Pegoraro has started his work. He is a young entrepreneur grown up among pottery, plaster moulds and kilns, now founder of BottegaNove. The company, specialised in the production of one of the greatest Italian excellences, ceramic and porcelain mosaics, has developed a dynamic approach to design procedures. This is why it has become the ideal partner for custom-made projects.


With their solid appearance, BottegaNove tiles transform any areas by creating contemporary scenarios that are in the meantime rich on content and design, soaked in the history of craftsmanship: artistic boiserie in ceramic, decorated with precious shimmering lustres and gold laminae or elegant textures highlighted by the smooth opacity of porcelain.

Christian Pegoraro & his company have managed to combine the ancient artisans’ tradition and a modern vision, in order to best meet the architects’ and customers’ needs without any project limit. It is exactly the standardization of the shapes and the lack of personality of many artisans’ products the reason why the founder of the company has started experimenting new procedures and has then created brand-new collections.The ceramic mosaic is the evolution of the craftsmanship traditionally applied to artistic pottery products. The collections of BottegaNove have resulted from the fusion of tridimensional design, typical of artistic pottery, and bidimensional design, typical of tiles.


_Types Of Clay
Earthenware, Brown/Black stoneware, White stoneware, Limoges porcelain.

Glazes designed and custom formulated, from contemporary neutrals to colourful craquelè crystallines.

_Precious Metal
Gold, Platinum, Copper, Bronze, Luster.

All of Botteganove’s collection can be tailored to each individual project allowing for ultimate creativity. If you’d like to see all the technical specifications for this collection you can download the catalogue below.






Get inspired with some of our latest projects of both commercial and residential spaces.