Welcoming Decoratori Bassanesi

Casa Ceramica, welcomes Decoratori Bassanesi. A new and innovative supplier. A supplier that offers; style, originality and versatility, with exciting collections that can interwind with each other.

As always we’re on the look  for new collections to add to our extensive list, recently we’ve chosen to welcome and showcase ‘Decoratori Bassanesi’. Founded in Vicenza Province back in 1988, this company has grown with time and values artistic decoration. Offering five different collections that can all be used to co-exist and compliment each other.


This collection is described like ‘ hard candies’; irregular shapes with muted colours thus creating an unusual mosaic. Available in eight colour ways, that create a playful camouflage cladding.


A collection that starts with the grout, recreating silhouettes. Linea allows you to create infinite and random patterns. Adding depth and textures with the variations of eight different colours.

Luci Di Venezia

A collection to reproduce art, poetry and light of the lagoon city. Inspired solely by a city suspended on water: Venice. With iridescent glazes that create surfaces of unexpected light , depending on the chosen viewpoint. Available in eight natural and bold colours to create either soft or striking settings.


Inspired by the presence of tracks and signs. A decorated collection but still neutral enough to create a basis for other combinations. Offering four simple colours and two surfaces of; Hard and soft.


With uniqueness of slight imperfections, inspired this collection. An abstract and irregular mix of signs. Placed together to create a bizarre and imaginative reflective effect.


For more information about any of the above collections please contact us at info@casaceramica.co.uk or you can visit the Decoratori Bassanesi website here.

All images are courtesy of Decoratori Bassanesi.






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