Upcycle your leftovers!

Left over tiles? Off-cuts? Or even just seen an amazing tile but have no where to put it in your home! Tiles aren’t just restricted to be used for floors and walls.

We’ve put together a list of innovative and creative ways to Upcycle your old tiles!

1. Coasters

It’s simple enough to create and takes virtually no time to do. You could use any tiles you have for this, even mosaics! Just cut them down to the size you want and away you go. You can use templates for the shape and size you need and be sure to spray them with a waterproof sealer to ensure you don’t stain them! Below are some inspirational ways to create your personalised coasters.

 2.  Serving plates / Trays

Over the past year interiors have looked to copper and marble as a must have for your home. Whilst this trend is proving popular, it does carry a hefty price tag along with it! Instead of splurging, you can make your own marble effect serving plates by , attaching 2 handles (of your choice) and a left over tile! See below for some inspired serving trays and plates.



3. Planters

You might have a couple of mis-match tiles left over and adding them to your garden, could be a great way to incorporate colour to your space! You could use them against a planter by just using glue/ adhesive or even use mosaics to create your own unique design. There are endless possibilities to using leftovers in your garden! Here are some examples;

4. Table Tops & Bars

You might have an old table you want to up-cycle but don’t know what to do with it? Adding tiles or mosaics to a table top or bar area could add that ‘wow’ factor to it! Again it’s as easy as using the tiles for planters. You could keep it simple with one colour or mix and match tiles together, to create a personalised vivid effect. Here are some examples;


5. Get illustrating!

You might even have plain tiles lying around your home, don’t throw them out, draw on them! We recently welcomed a local artist who illustrated our entrance space and the finished result was amazing! Click here to find out more. If you’ve not got a creative hand then not too worry, you could use different coloured inks to create a watercolour effect or even screen print using old newspapers and a waterproof sealer. Theres plenty of artsy ways to spruce up your boring old tiles! Heres some examples;


Whatever you decide to do with your tiles, make sure you don’t throw them away, get creative!

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