Casa’s Grout Maintenance Guide

Ceramic tile is a popular flooring option for its appearance, ability to last, and ease of aftercare. Most tiles are sealed by grout, a cement or epoxy-based substance that is used to secure and brace tiles. It also acts as a cushion as they expand and contract from rising temperatures. Here are our top tips to keep your floor and wall clean.<h/3><!—more–>

In order to avoid a full deep-cleaning, take into account of these key tips, to keep your grout in great condition:

-Clean your tiled floor regularly, sweeping away any dust or grit and then mopping with clear water or use Lithofin Easy Care. If the tiles become heavily soiled we recommend scrubbing them with a specialist stronger detergent such as a Power Clean.

-Treat small stains regularly. Your grout will naturally develop stains and scuffs over time, and addressing them periodically helps avoid deep cleaning. Using the Lithofin Easy Care, scrub the area down with a firm brush (or toothbrush).

-Ventilate! Tile grout is a sponge-like substance. Wet, steamy environments promote and trap mould and mildew, making this tip especially useful for bathrooms.

-If the floor is very heavily used, you may find that you will need to re-seal your tiles more regularly. You could also choose to apply a multi seal as this will offer further protection and give an attractive patina.

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