RIBA International Week – Ethel Day

RIBA ‘intweek’ is a celebration of new and innovative ideas between architects. The focus of the week is ‘change in the city’ and ‘Women in architecture’.

With events for the week running from 3-7th of July. It’s a week of sharing ideas, on the latest theme of ‘ New Urban’ and the UN’s global strategy for sustainable development of housing. This poses as a great opportunity to network with industry professionals. Casa Ceramica has chosen to focus on Ethel Day as a feature of the week.

5th July – Ethel Day

Ethel Day is a celebrations and marks ‘Ethel Mary Charles’ as the first female architect back in 1898. Her journey to becoming an architect was far from simple and faced many hurdles on her way. The way of life back then restricted Ethel from being able to practice in architecture unlike her male peers. Despite her set backs Ethel continued her dream and like many others found a way around, by becoming an apprentice and building her portfolio up. In the June of 1898, Ernest George nominated Ethel for a RIBA membership. He vouched for her skills to work within the industry, just like everyone else.

Thus marking the start of equality and diversity within the world of architecture. Inspiring other women, across the world to do as she did.

Check out RIBA’s website for other events happening across the week and for any other information.






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