The Return of Terracotta

Terracotta has been a design staple for thousands of years, used for floors, border tiles and decorative purposes. Today, there is a vast variation of colours, patterns and textures available, making these tiles easy to utilise in virtually any area in your home.

Terracotta is combination of two Italian words, translating “baked earth”. It is usually an unglazed porous ceramic, so tedious and established, that it has long since lent its name to the colour it changes after firing. The terracotta tone is familiar on roofs and plant pots, with tints of pinkish brown, burnt orange and washed out red brick. The accurate shade is determined during firing, when the iron content of the clay reacts with oxygen at very high temperatures.

Viva Acoustico / Mutina Tierras / Utica New Cotto

Terracotta colours brings a sense of warmth and comfort to a home, which gives interiors a more rustic and mediterranean charm. Terracotta tiles are not as popular as stone, marble or glass, which gives you the distinctive value of having your home really standing out in the eyes of your guests. Ensure the overall theme of your home does not clash with the Terracotta tiles, although you can treat terracotta as a darker neutral.

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