Outdoor Living

Looking to improve your outdoor living space? Creating an ‘outdoor living room’ is a great way to extend your garden and make use of the summer days ahead.


Wood Effect

Typically, most gardens are laid out with paving or decking. A great alternative to decking is a wood effect porcelain tiles, which is namely better for underfloor heating, easier to find in larger planks, generally cheaper and easier to maintain. Luckily, manufacturers have increased their game considerably and these days, wood effect tiles are one of the favourable trends in the design world.

Ariostea Quercia Petraea

Ariostea High Tech Slabs Quercia Petraea
Other Alternatives: Paints of Wood / Millelegni

Decorative Design

Adding decorative tiles can turn even the most outdated space into a stunning masterpiece that will leave you fascinated. With contemporary and minimal surroundings, it is the patterned tiles in black and white or shades of grey which are proven to be most popular. If you need to add a splash of colour, or are looking to add a mediterranean theme into your outdoor space, Casa Ceramica have a stunning variety of patterned and textured tiles for all surroundings.

Unica Gio Turchese

Unica Gio Turchese
Other Alternatives: Encaustic / iGattipardi

Contemporary Style

Why not enhance your patio outdoor space to a modern, large format porcelain tile. Big, bold and beautifully generous tiles make any space feel expansive, these large tiles work well with the plastered walls for a chic, simple area. Advances in technology within the tile industry has also led to the production of 20mm porcelain tiles specifically designed for applications such as balconies, terraces, driveways, patios and walkways.

Tagina Apogeo14 Anthracite

Tagina Apogeo14 Anthracite
Other Alternatives: Stone Box / Absolute

If you are considering redesigning your outdoor living space and likely to be around wet surfaces such as pool, it is advised that slip resistant flooring is installed to minimise the risk of accidents. Casa Ceramica’s porcelain tiles come with a variety of different finishes. It is these finishes that will decide the slip resistances of your porcelain tiles:

-Textured/ Grip finish – this finish is highly recommended for outdoor use.
-Fine Textured – suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
-Smooth finishes – not recommended for outdoor use.
-Polished – not recommended for outdoor use or bathroom interiors.

If you would like more information on the ranges above, or have any enquiries contact us at info@casaceramica.co.uk.
All images courtesy of Emil Ceramica, Ariostea, Unica and Tagina.






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