Nostalgia Trend


Nostalgia is defined as; ‘a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past’. With the rise of retro furniture and terrazzo inspired spaces. At this years Maison and Objet we saw a huge uprise of interiors revolving around this whimsical trend.

The Nostalgic trend boasts of, vivid and pastel colours with the well known statement colour of Millennial Pink. With the rise and fame of the director Wes Anderson, his cinematography style has heavily influenced this trend. With the directors approach on colour pallets and use of symmetry.

A huge trend that we’ve been seeing all over the world is the revival and use of Terrazzo tiles. In natural or coloured pieces, its everywhere! One design studio in Australia has showcased this in ‘The Budapest Cafe’ located in China. The use of the pastel colours and terrazzo offers a colourful yet minimalistic approach to the space.

Click here to see more of there work. 

The ‘Nostalgia’ trend can also be found in hotels, cafes and work spaces. See our trend boards below.

Top Left: Hotel Oddsson, Reykjavik. Top Right: We Work, Shanghai, Linehouse. Bottom Left: Sketch, London. Bottom Right: Bar Luce, Milan.

To recreate this trend we have a few collections to offer!

Artwork by Casamood, this collection offers three cardinal shades of color offered in contrasting pairs (white-gray and white-black) and available in three different particle sizes (Micro-Basic-Macro). In addition to these color schemes, there are 12 decorative variations of vivid colours to choose from. This collection offers a more realistic terrazzo look, with natural options too.

Cies by Vives, is a terrazzo inspired stoneware. With colours that allow an injection of freshness and creativity to any space.  The collection is also complimented by the subtle triangular graphics in a rich gold tone.

Drops by WOW Design studios, offers two variations of playful and natural looking Terrazzo. With two very different trends: “Color Drops” for those of you fancy and more forward “Natural Drops” for the most classy and elegant choice.

Futura by 41zero42, also offers a nostalgic vibe with the pastel colours used and the influences from the Bauhaus movement. This collection offers different laying solutions for endless possibilities.


If you need any further help on terrazzo tiles or recreating a nostalgic space for either your home or a commercial space, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.






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