Myro-Doodles Collaboration

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Myro-Doodles into our showroom, to add some illustrations to our entrance space.

Myro is a freelance illustrator based in Manchester, she offers bespoke; greeting cards, wedding stationary and commissioned projects. Myro uses nothing but ink to create her designs.

After a member of staff had purchased a piece by Myro, our directors instantly fell in love. Following the initial meeting with Myro, we came up with a concept to add some illustrations and hand picked quotes to our Alice in wonderland esque entrance, to enhance the space even further. Our entrance was designed to become an optical illusion. Designed by creating a slopping roof and floor to imitate that the room becomes smaller and with bespoke cut tiles,  to portray the the floor is warped.

After a full afternoon of doodles here is the finished product! We’re delighted with the work she has done for us, incorporating not only the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but a tribute to Manchester too. Our entrance is a must see feature of our showroom!



We’d like to say a big thank you to Myro and If you’d like to see more of Myro’s work click here.

For more information about our entrance space please contact us, at or via our contact form.







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