Mediterranean Living

With the summer season just around the corner, Casa Ceramica have chosen the perfect mediterranean tiles to style your home.

Cotto Etrusco Medioevo / Cotto Vietri Pannello Formentera Blu / 41zero42 Signs White / Cotto Vietri Montesanto Blu / 41zero42 Signs Mud / Marca Corona Terra

Mediterranean decor creates fresh, spacious and comfortable environments. Spaces in which predominates the white pureness combined with a color palette drawn from the nature: beige, rustic stone, blue and olive. These qualities enhance the characteristics of a Mediterranean surroundings.

Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco, ceramics, mosaics and colourful tiles are still very much used in kitchens, bathrooms and patios. Tiles are a key element in a mediterranean home, with a hot climate rising to their highest temperatures in summer, the natural chill of a tile is a luxury.

The Simplistic Look

Cerim Maps of Cerim

Modern minimalistic design can be mixed with Mediterranean details and furniture. Keeping light, chic floor and wall tones will instantly give the feeling of open space. Contemporary colours such as Beige, Grey and White are heavily used to keep the rooms feeling fresh and large format tiles will always keep a room stylish.

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Images courtesy of Archidaily and Abaton Architects.






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