New tiles

Launching Familiar

Familiar is a project born from the desire to deal with the world of “grits”. The great respect that Micro. philosophy has towards natural materials has led to the realisation of a product that deliberately distances itself from the imitation of the original.

Designed by Roberto Clinche a new collection by Progetto Micro. The brand describes themselves as an 'open project, a work in progress' Micro are always dreaming of the future working with the best designers in the world to carry out their next project.

The use of a digital filter gives the surface a highly contemporary flavour while keeping alive the memory of the authentic product. The four types of surfaces are realised with different granulometries on 4 chromatic tones which can be combined with the 13 colours of the Micro project, allowing a versatile use of the product, from the elegant and more classic evenness of the plain colour up to the playfulness of the mix proposal. Available in one nominal size of 30x30cm.


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