Introducing Ecocement

Ecocement by Italian Trend has arrived at Casa Ceramica. The range is made from innovative materials based on cement where each product is developed in house by laboratory experts, from the process of water polymers with high performance. This is without solvent content in respect of health and environment.

The Ecocement series offer two different textures named Transit and Rustik. Both made to recreate smooth or substance effects, intended for covering walls or floors.
Ecocement is flexible, fireproof, resistant, low thickness, water repellent and recyclable. Due to Ecocement being customisable, the panels are created by hand by craftsmen decorators. Any distinguished marking and surface irregularities attest to the refinement and exclusivity.

“To satisfy the most demanding lovers of architecture and design, sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability and in constant search for the right balance between aesthetics and functionality present our series Ecocement.”

In the Ecocement range there are fourteen colours available in gloss or matte. On demand you have the possibility to develop custom colours based on traditional tinting systems by Ral, Pantone and NCS. Coatings of natural textured effects, such as Oxide Iron and Copper are also available. These are made-up of particles of iron and copper, micro cement, sleeted minerals and special additives, which are all transformed into exclusive coatings by high aesthetic potential. Artistic panels are also available at Casa Ceramica, exhibiting musicians in the likes of David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Bono Vox, all modified to your selection and size.

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