How to Mix Prints in your Home

Bringing striking designs into your household can be a frightening task. Don’t be afraid to try patterns to make a room pop. Casa Ceramica will share our decorating tips, using prints the right way.

1. Start Small and Test Out
If you’re new to prints, start with small-scale patterns with allover coverage, test these patterns out with decorative accessories such as pillows, vases and lamp shades. Instead of committing to upholstering, use rugs, throws, or other pieces you love and drape them over a chair or on your headboard. It’s a great way to test out an idea without the commitment.

2. Work With Similar Colour Palettes
Keep your colour palette limited to link different styles and patterns. By limiting the colours you’re working with a monochromatic palette, it can help bring together very different types of prints that might otherwise seem like they don’t go together.

Ornamenta Face / 41zero42 Paper41 / Casamood Vetro

3. Pattern-to-Room Ratio
Think carefully about room proportion. About 40 to 60 percent of the room can be patterned. Use bigger prints on areas where you want to draw the eye (such as walls and floors) and smaller prints on areas you want to recede.

4. Use a Bright Solid Colour for Balance
If you find a pattern you love, but aren’t sure about mixing it with other decoration, a bold solid colour can help bring balance into the room. Make sure the colour links back to the colour palette of the prints.

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Images courtesy of Florim, 41zero42 and Ornamenta.






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