Happy Independence Day

Today marks the 241st Independence day, also known as the 4th July. Every year huge celebrations take place across the country. To join in with the celebrations Casa Ceramica has put together some inspirational tiles to celebrate.

Pietre 41 by 41Zero42

This collection is a delicate mix of graphic lines and geometric shapes. Enhanced with three neutral colours, of grey, greige and black. Pietre 41 is a collections of; stones, textures, colour and details that form one new language.

Independence - Casa Ceramica

All images are courtesy of 41zero42.

Pico by Mutina

Pico is a collection that offers surprising depths and is physically pleasing to touch. Available in three base colours and two surfaces of sunken and up rising dots. This is further enhanced with the use of neutral colours with a dynamic mix of either red or blue that can be used for the dots or base.

mutina_0860fnew copy

All images are courtesy of Mutina

XO by 14 Ora

XO is a visual interpretation of both patterns and modern shapes. Created by using two contrasting colours. This collection can be mixed with the three colours or one singular colour.


All images are courtesy of 14Ora

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