Florim Magnum Oversize

Florim Magnum

The Largest Tile The World Has Ever Seen

Back in November 2014 we visited Florim Ceramiche with clients to view the new Florim Magnum slabs. Available in extra-large sizes up to 160×320 cm. At only 6 mm thick the possibility for cutting any shape and size is achievable. The Magnum slabs can be laid on both floors and walls due to its high aesthetic yield and considerable stress resistance. Large format porcelain offers a real alternative to traditional natural stone slabs, the obvious advantages are that the material is lighter weight and scratch/stain resistant. Considerable cost savings can also be made not only on the material itself but installation and preparation costs can be reduced too.

Florim Magnum comes in: 160×320, 120×240, 80×240, 26.5×240, 160×160, 120×120, 60×120 and 80×80. The possibility of cutting any shape and size. Easy transport and handling. Laying on both floor and walls. High aesthetic yield. Considerable stress resistance.

Florim Magnum oversized tiles stretch across 4 brands;

Floorgres; presents its selection of extra-large sizes, stone and metal, neutral shades and sharp patterns.

Rex; offers its selection in extra-large size – marble, stone and precious woods.

Casa Dolce Casa & Casamood; have also extended their unusual selection with extra-large sizes – classical and contemporary surfaces, stones and woods.

For more information, please enquire or you can take another look at Florim Magnum at the website here.






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