Architectural Solutions & Specification

Casa Ceramica are delighted to be able to offer solutions to both the architectural and interior design sector. We have a dedicated team, who can help with any technical solutions offering the best advice possible.

-Dedicated site visits
-Sample packages
-DDA Regulation
-Sustainability reports
-Technical certifications
-LRV Advice & Certifications
-In-house pendulum slip testing
-Recommend specialist installers

We can also offer technical advice for grouts, adhesives and more, below are some of our partners:

-Tile Master Adhesives

Breakfast Club /
Lunch and Learn Sessions

These sessions are available to any architecture and interior design practice. Our sessions give you and your team a chance to get in inspired by the latest covering trends and technologies. Each session can be tailored to the individual practice to provide either a lunch or breakfast of choice.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in or would like some more information please contact us below, using our contact form.

Staircases & Step Treads

This solution allows the designer to create a continuous and seamless effect between floors. Whilst some of our collection offer standard sized step treads, we can also offer special pieces to be produced in any bespoke size from any collections.

Bespoke Tiles &
Water Jet Cutting

Our bespoke water jet cutting service can be carried out on almost any of our products. Water jet cutting allows for creativity and individuality to be injected into any space. This versatile process can be used to create, shapes, holes or to resize a tile.

Swimming pools

Our porcelain tiles are a perfect solution that can be used for; pool edgings, decks, tanks and surrounds. Our products are available in slip-resistant finishes, that are suitable for both wet areas and bare foot traffic. If you require technical advice or certifications please contact us or view some of our collections below.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our Architectural sales team you can telephone our studio or email directly to our team member below:






Get inspired with some of our latest projects of both commercial and residential spaces.