An Artistry Vision: Warssawa

Introducing Warssawa MEWA at Casa Ceramica, the new mosaic tile which links the traditional aspects and uniqueness of handmade products with modern designs, shapes and innovative technology.

Warssawa MEWA are ornamental concrete tiles, whose shape were influenced by a straightforward paper puzzle. The surface of each tile subsides, creating a subtle play of light and shadow on the elevation covered by the tiles. Its intensity depends on the concentration and angle of light. All the molds used in the production of MEWA tiles are handmade. As a result, each of the tiles manufactured using them is exceptional.

There are three possible arrangements for the Warssawa MEWA tile – PRISM, LYNX and BUTTERFLY.

Prism / Lynx / Butterly

Warssawa uses White Portland cement as its base binder for MEWA tiles. It is distinguished by maximum force and a very high level of white property. Its use makes it posssible to secure any colour for the mosaics. The pigments used to colour the construction of the composite are very high-quality, finely ground oxides of iron, chromium, cobalt and titanium.

If you would like more information about this range, contact us at Or visit the Warssawa website here. All images courtesy of Warssawa.






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