A Memphis Movement

This year the 80’s inspired Memphis trend has made a come back, in a new and exciting way. Showcased by designers and architects all around the world.

The Memphis trend has been around for years and every now and again it makes a come back. This year, artist Camille Walala showcased the trend at London’s design festival. The Memphis trend is created by the use of simple geometrics that are randomly placed together with the enhancement of playful colour pallets.

Ornamenta 80s collection portrays the Memphis style in a huge way. With two colour pallets of warm and cool colours and 16 different patterns. This collection allows you to be able to play around with different compositions of layouts and get creative. If you’d like more information regarding this range check out the collection page here.

Even though this collection isn’t exactly in the style of Memphis it does showcase the colour pallet and a grid print effect which is used is the Memphis trend. Ceramica Vogue’s collection of ‘Graph’ was inspired by how designers use grid paper as a, drawing tool for horizontal and vertical surfaces. This collection is available in three sizes and 29 colours to choose from. If you’d like more information regarding this range check out the collection page here.

Puzzle is one of Mutina’s most popular collection, we’ve chosen to showcase this due to its playful colours and irregular shapes, which fits in with the Memphis style. With a wide array of colours and laying solutions to choose from, this collection offers endless possibilities. If you’d like more information regarding this range, check out the collection page here.

If you require any further information about any of the products featured please contact us at info@casaceramica.co.uk








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