3D Interior Walls

There are many innovative ways to use room dividers today, 3D interior walls are great way to separate a large room or to add a decorative touch – However, privacy doesn’t come as one size fit wall. Here’s what to consider when setting your dividing line.

Before choosing a enhancing wall, you need to ask whether it is to distract disturbance? Maybe even limit noise? These 3D interior walls are an immediate hit worldwide, as they have met an ever increasing need of bringing silence (managing noise levels) to your home and style to open areas such as open living areas, offices and lofts. Here are a few of our various choices at Casa Ceramica:

Mutina Tierras 3D
Tierras is handmade design, sculptural surface made by extruded natural terracotta. The collection is based on the concept of sedimentation and Mediterranean craft traditions, using the experimentation of three-dimensional brick designs: Little Roman, Big Roman, Bis-cotto.

Emil Ceramica EC Wall
EC wall is an arranged structure that was developed from the desire to absorb lighting gaps and impressions of transparency. The process is a profound innovation project that combines design and architecture, to offer a new portable segregation architectural tool.

Lithos Muri Di Pietra
The solidity of the stone goes hand in hand with the lightness of the lines and the drillings, creating ‘light and shadow’ and ‘see trough’ effects. Each Muri di Pietra wall can be extended vertically and horizontally and can even make corners. In this way, the product can adapt to any living environment.

Mutina Mistral 3D
This single piece of extruded and glazed terracotta can lead to a variety of compositions are possible including horizontal, vertical, closed and open, and they are all adapted to both internal and external architecture.

If you would like more information on the collections featured above, contact us at info@casaceramica.co.uk. Images courtesy of Lithos, Emil Ceramica and Mutina.






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