20mm porcelain tiles

Advances in technology within the tile industry has led to the production of 20mm porcelain tiles, these 20mm porcelain tiles are suitable for a variety of uses

20mm porcelain tiles are suitable for outdoor floors with traditional and raised installation. The 20mm thick tiles give a high resistance to loads and stresses and are perfect for residential and commercial outdoor flooring.

20mm porcelain tiles are frost and fire resistant and they resist the attack of chemicals and adverse weather. 20mm porcelain tiles combine the resistance and durability of porcelain tiles with tremendous versatility. 20mm porcelain tiles can be dry installed directly onto the subfloor, gravel and grass they can also be laid as a raised floor using the polypropylene supports which can be altered to various heights and can also be self levelling. This system makes for quick installation and means the floor can immediately be walked on.

Applications such as balconies, terraces, driveways, patios and walkways are just some of the possibilities. Sizes range from 40×80 up to 90×90.

Here at Casa Ceramica we believe this 20mm porcelain will take over heavily from traditional materials such as Indian stone and other natural materials due to the points raised above. The offering is huge too; again due to the advances in technology natural stones can be re created within these 20mm porcelain tiles giving you all the aesthetic qualities of stone but the practicality and durability of porcelain.

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