14 Ora Italiana’s Exclusive Collection Releases

Casa Ceramica introduces the new exclusive collections by 14 Ora Italiana, available to order today.

Ruggine explores the impression of metal oxidation process. Each of the four basic colours are processed by a different scale, which vision was recollected by urban and industrial landscapes. 16 for the size 12″x12″ and 32 for the 2,8″x24″, in order to get a diverse and non-frequent laying system.
Ruggine is also available in a mix, the selection of the colours and blend can be chosen at the designer’s requirements for a personalised outcome.

The Bianco / Nero Project puts in the similarity of different collections that have a familiar loud pattern.Three different designs, identified on a white or black solid colour base, synchronised in the same project which can be used both individually or paired. Included in the project: the two solid colour base all black / all white and the linea / macchia / suonno collections.

XO is a project that plays around graphically with six plain patterns and is developed in a single size in three different colours: Oceano, Amaranto, Fango. On a white body background, irregular geometric colours emerge which stimulate everything that is fashionable in present day interiors. The collection is made up of 18 commercial items which can be used independently or in junction with each other. This maximizes the possibilities for the designer, who can create assorted designs from basic and diligent to elaborate and processed outcomes.

If you would like to know more about the ranges, contact us at info@casaceramica.co.uk, or visit the 14 Ora Italiana website here. All images courtesy of 14 Ora Italiana.






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